About CUS Milano

Be part of CUS Milano

To enroll at CUS Milano fill in the form online, following the instructions: at the end of the process, you’ll get your CUS Milano card, whereby you can book your activity at our sport centers and enjoy our agreements.

When you will be registered, you can purchase our packages ACTIVE, SPORT and FULL SPORT:

ACTIVE -> 5 €: reserved to university students, it allows the access to One Day promotional activities and to day trips. It includes accident insurance policy and it doesn’t need any medical certificate.

SPORT -> 20€: reserved to university students, it allows the partecipation to every sport activities, it requires a medical certificate and ECG.

FULL SPORT -> 30 €: reserved to university students, it allows the participation to every sport activities, it gives the possibility to do free medical certificate and ECG.


Who we are

CUS Milano is a Sporting Association focused on the development of sports within the local Universities for nearly 70 years. It is the territorial expression of CUSI, one of the 15 Sporting Promotion Boards recognized by CONI. CUS Milano activities develop through promotion of basic sports, competitive sports and physical-sporting activities also meant with a socializing-intent.
These sports activities are not only addressed to students, but also to the members of citizenship: from children to seniors, from athletes to fans. CUS Milano enhances sport as a recognized social right. It collaborates with families, public and scholar institutions. It provides money and carries out plans as well as research and forming programs; it edits cultural and sporting publications.
Sport for CUS Milano is an educative, forming, cultural, competitive and socializing opportunity.


What we offer

Every season CUS Milano organizes tournaments, championships, journeys and sport events.
The main competition managed by CUS Milano is the CMU (Milan University Championship): a huge tournament between the 8 Universities of Milan, lasting all season long. Every University takes part in the CMU assembling teams of soccer, basketball, volleyball, futsal, rugby and competing against the other Universities. There is also the possibility to play individual sports such as tennis, badminton and table tennis.
Once a year CUS Milano is involved in a national competition: the CNU (National University Championship). In this prestigious tournament the best players of CUS Milano band together to challenge teams coming from the whole Italy. Just like an Olympic Game, the CNU includes team sports as soccer, basketball, volleyball, rugby, futsal and individual sports as athletics, tennis, golf, canoe, martial arts, boxe, fencing and many others.
A part from CMU and CNU, CUS Milano organizes a lot of one-day events during the season: skiing journeys, one-day sport competitions, runnings and tournaments.
If you want to learn some new discipline, CUS Milano organizes 43 sport courses during the season. Our capable trainers can introduce you to disciplines such as climbing, capoeira, karate, krav maga, sailing, yoga and many others.